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Data Grouping in Analyze Plus

When using the Analyze Plus Wizard, similar terms from the Author/Inventor Name, Corporate Source/Patent Assignee, and Company Name fields are automatically grouped by the wizard. To customize the groupings, select the terms in the window and click one of the options on the right. You may alternatively drag-and-drop terms for grouping. Check Save changes to data groupings if you want to save the groupings for editing or exporting. Click Next.

Data Grouping Option


Show all included terms

Display all terms included in analysis.

Show included grouped terms

Display only grouped terms that will be included in analysis.

Show ignored terms

Display only terms that you selected to be ignored in analysis.


Assign a different name to the selected term or group of terms. This is the name that will be used for this group of terms in the Microsoft Excel worksheet.


Ignore selected terms, i.e., do not include the ignored terms in analysis.


Group selected terms. The first term will become the name of the group.


Ungroup selected terms. The selected terms will be removed from their groups and will become individual terms.

Ungroup All

Ungroup all terms. All terms will become individual terms.

Regroup All

Restore the grouping that existed when this window was first displayed.  

Expand All

Display the members of all groups.

Collapse All

Show only the name of each group.


Undo the last action performed in the Data Group Tool window. Undo can be used multiple times to reverse a series of actions.


Re-apply the change that was most recently undone. Redo can be used multiple times to re-apply a series of actions that have been undone.

If terms are not grouped automatically, you may group them manually.  


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