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Get STN Sequence Data

From a sequence result, you can:


You can also:


To retrieve sequences, reference records or both from STN databases:

  1. Choose the sequences for which you wish to retrieve STN data:

Result: Clicking the hyperlink takes you directly to STN.

  1. Click Get STN Data in the lower left corner of the CAS Registry BLAST Report window.
    The Get STN Data dialog displays.

  2. At the bottom of the dialog, keep the default selection for Transfer all alignment data for postprocessing if you want to include BLAST alignment data in an STN Express report.

  3. Choose to retrieve:

The Save File As window displays.

  1. Enter a filename for the sequence data.
    Format: Data is saved as an STN Express Saved Sequences (.xss) file.
    The STN Online and Results window displays. A login screen may display.

  2. Log in if necessary.
    The Capture Session Dialog displays.

  3. Enter a File name for this STN transcript file.
    Format: The default format is STN Transcript file (*.trn), but a .RTF file can also be used.

  4. Keep the default (selected) in order to include structure queries or clear the check box. Click Open. An online session is initiated and STN Express conducts an online search tailored to your request.

  5. If CAplus/HCAplus records are desired, enter desired file, then search final L-Number from REGISTRY. Term, numeric or Lexicon searching can be added at this time.

  6. Display CAplus/HCAplus answers in desired formats, but must include either HIT RN or HIT SEQ format as part of your Display command. These formats are needed for the BLAST Alignment tool to work.



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