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Result Set Manager

The Result Set Manager displays:

Accessing CAS Registry BLAST Functions

The Result Set Manager allows easy access to common CAS Registry BLAST functions through its toolbar:

RSM Toolbar

Icon Function

New Search

Opens the New Search dialog, which offers the options to search by:


Goes directly to the Search by Sequence search dialog.

Sequence ID

Goes directly to the Similar Sequences using Sequence Identifier dialog.


Goes directly to the Fast BLAST feature.

Note: This function becomes available after the first search of a session.

Alerts Profiles

Accesses the CAS Registry BLAST Alerts Profiles dialog.


Accesses CAS Registry BLAST online Help.


Ends this CAS Registry BLAST session and closes associated windows.

Reports Tabs

Beneath the toolbar, the Result Set Manager window displays two types of result reports, each on its own tab:

These menus and functions are common to both report types:

Manipulate Your Report Sets

Within the Result Set Manager tabs, you can manipulate your sets of Reports or Alerts Reports in these ways:

Duration: These changes are temporary. When the application is closed, the display returns to its default appearance and all formatting changes are lost.

To: Do this:

Sort items within a column

  1. Click on any of the column headings. Items are sorted as appropriate for that column:

    • Alphabetically by Name
    • Alphabetically by result set Type (program name)
    • Chronologically by date and time that the result set was Created
    • By search Status
    • By number of Results
    • By whether or not results have been Reviewed.

    An arrow displays in the column heading, indicating:

    Ascending arrow Ascending order
    Descending order Descending order
  2. Click on the heading a second time to reverse the sort order for that column.

Rearrange the column order

  1. Click on a column heading to select it.
  2. Drag the heading left or right to the desired location.

Resize columns

  1. Click on the divider to the right of the column heading (near the top of the column).
  2. Drag the column divider to the right to enlarge the column or to the left to decrease it.


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