Formatting Author Names


This section gives tips for formatting author names for effective searching in STN Easy.

Author name formats

Formats for author names vary from database to database. Before searching author names, consider

  • First name/middle initial format variations
  • Spelling variations
  • Verifying the name in the database

Formatting tips

Follow these tips when formatting author names for searching in STN Easy:

For author names Formatting tip  Example
Where the first name/middle name format varies

Enter the name in as much detail as you know. Verify that the option to search initials is checked.

  • Wurth Karl A
  • Wurth Karl
  • Wurth K A
With internal punctuation

Try variations with

  • internal punctuation eliminated
  • internal spaces eliminated
  • O brian
  • Obrian
With internal spaces Try variations with internal spaces eliminated
  • La Bar
  • Labar
Containing an umlaut

Try variations substituting

  • ae for ä
  • oe for ö
  • ue for ü
  • Muller
  • Mueller
Where names are transliterated from another alphabet Use alternative spellings
  • ...skii
Where there is confusion about first and last name Try using both names as the last name
  • Bing
  • Chen

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