Browsing Specialized Indexes


This section describes how to use the Browse Index feature

When to use

The Browse Index feature is useful for

  • Verifying that a particular entry appears in the database
  • Identifying relevant search term variations

Behind the scenes

Browse Index works like much like opening up a dictionary. Browse Index results in a list of terms adjacent to the search term.

 For search terms that are Browse Index gives a list arranged in the following order:
Words, such as keywords and author names Alphabetical
Numbers, such as CAS Numbers Numerical
Combinations of letters and numbers, such as patent numbers and chemical names Alphanumerical


Verify that patent number JP62014827 is valid.

How to

Follow these steps to use the Browse Index feature.

Step Do the following:


On the Search Page, verify the selection of search term descriptor and search term.



 A scrollable list of index entries appears.

Select relevant entries. Multiple Browse Index entries can be selected.

 To select Browse Index Entries that are Do the following:
  1.  Hold down the <Shift> key.
  2. Click to select relevant entries.
  1. Hold down the <Control> key.
  2. Click to select relevant entries.



The following entry appears:


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