Patent Number Lookup


This section describes how to use the Patent option in STN Easy to look up a patent number.

When to use

Use this strategy when you know a patent number and want to find

  • Patent family information 
  • An English language abstract for the patent 
  • An English language equivalent for the patent 


Find the Japanese patent with the number JP62014858.

How to

Follow these steps to conduct a patent number lookup.

Step Do the following


Click Patent Lookup.


The Search Page appears. The current category is Patents. Type the patent number in the associated entry box.


For good recall, it may be important to consider variations in patent number formatting.

Option: Verify the patent number. Click



The Answer Page appears. Select the answer of interest.


Scroll down to the Answer Table to view titles.


View more detail about

  • 1 title, by clicking on the title hyperlink 
  • >1 title, by clicking to place a checkmark in the boxes associated with the titles of interest. Click  

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