Strategies for Finding Chemical Substance Information


This section identifies strategies to find chemical substance information, based on the known chemical substance identifier.


Chemical substance information includes

  • CAS Numbers (CAS Registry Numbers, CAS RNs)
  • Chemical names
  • Chemical structures
  • References discussing a chemical substance, e.g., papers describing preparations
  • Regulatory information

Chemical substance identifiers

Three kinds of chemical substance identifiers can be used in STN Easy:

  • CAS Number (CAS Registry Number, CAS RN) 
  • Chemical name 
  • Chemical formula

When to use

Use the following strategies to find information about a chemical substance:
 When you know a Use this STN Easy strategy:
  • Specific CAS Number
 CAS Number Lookup
  • Systematic chemical name (e.g., IUPAC nomenclature)
  • Trade name
  • Acronym
  • Common name
  • Lab designation
 Chemical Name Lookup
  •  Molecular formula
  • Structure
 Chemical Formula Search

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