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This section describes how to use the Easy Search option in STN Easy to find papers on technology topics in general science databases.


General science includes research literature, business literature, and government publications.


Find papers discussing aloe vera.

How to

Follow these steps to conduct a topic search using Easy Search.
Step Do the following:


Click Easy Search.


The Search Page appears. In the Search Term entry area, type the words of interest. Separate the words with spaces.

For good recall, it may be important to consider variations in search term format.



The Answer Page appears. Scroll down to the Answer Table to view titles.

   Titles from CAplus in Most Recent Order | Best Match Order
 1 Distribution of verectin in Aloe vera leaves and verectin contents in clonally regenerated plants and the commercial gel powders by immunochemical screening
 2 A novel angiogenic factor derived from Aloe vera gel: .beta.-sitosterol, a plant sterol
 3 Progress in research and development of aloe vera


View more detail about

  • 1 title, by clicking on the title hyperlink 
  • >1 title, by clicking to place a checkmark in the boxes associated with titles of interest. Click  

Viewing titles by database

Easy Search locates relevant titles from several databases.

Follow these steps to view titles from specific databases.

Step Do the following:


On the Answer Page, click the Show Answers by Database hyperlink.


Select the answer set of interest.

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