Finding Papers Written by an Author of Interest


This section describes how to use the Advanced Search option in STN Easy to find papers written by an author of interest.

When to use

Use this strategy when you want to find papers written by

  • Well-known researchers 
  • Researchers you've recently heard about 


Find papers written by Lou Lasagna.

How to

Follow these steps to find papers written by an author of interest:

Step Do the following:


Click Advanced Search.


The Search Page appears.

Option: Select databases in a specific technology category by clicking


From the drop-down menus in the Search Term entry area, select Author.


Type the name in as much detail as you know.

For good recall, it may be important to consider variations in author name format.

Option: Verify the author name spelling. Click



The Answer Page appears. Select the answer set of interest.


Scroll down to the Answer Table to view titles.

   Titles from CAplus in Most Recent Order | Best Match Order
 1 Balancing risks versus benefits in drug therapy decisions
 2 Apohorseradish peroxidase unfolding and refolding: intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence studies
 3 Issues facing the new FDA commissioner


 View more detail about

  • 1 title, by clicking on the title hyperlink 
  • >1 title, by clicking to place a checkmark in the boxes associated with titles of interest. Click  

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